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Welcome to Cafe & Grill

Love is spicy. At Gumax Café and Grill, we aim to transform the way people think about traditional restaurants, by creating a destination where world class cuisines and love converge all under one roof. Gumax Café and Grill's daily menu features authentic world-class cuisines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week. 

Our goal is to cater to the unique worldly palates of our customers, in essence with their choices. At Gumax International, LTD, we also make use of potent universal forces to empower partners and support entrepreneurs of any age as they grow their dreams. We believe in combining love, knowledge, money, and the power of exponential growth with the vision and burning desires of entrepreneurs.

After working in various restaurants for 15 years, Guma knew that by offering spicy pies, a family recipe in the line of appetizers would give customers a new variety of taste to enjoy. Today, you can find Guma Spicy Pies in different flavors at a Gumax Café and Grill.

Each chef is uniquely talented, and Gumax leaves room for any chef to expand on this talent.

Whether you are a new graduate or an experienced chef, we encourage you to join our team. With your unique flare of creativity, and the atmosphere to readily express yourselves, you will become acquainted with traditional world class cuisines in just a matter of time. The ultimate goal is for you to eventually own a Gumax Café and Grill, or the Guma Spicy Pie Mobile, by hatching your dream.

In essence, our base is like an airport—and the planes we maintain are entrepreneurs with diverse skillsets at various stages of development. Upon take-off, they will reach the heights of success! We strive to build a relationship of trust with every client for the long term. Flap your wings and get ready for the flight!

Guma Spicy Pies are too good to be contained within the four walls of a building. Therefore, we have constructed mobile food trucks to bring the world-class cuisines everywhere!

Another option with Gumax International, LTD is the kiosk‚ a smaller, easy-to-manage venue and a smaller investment. Kiosks are fresh and fun ideas to deliver consistent product, and we have store locations ready for enfranchisement.